Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, New shoes

My feet are very excited about 2013. They were in need of some more fashionable, err functional attire (no offense ol' puma sneakers with holes in them). I was pretty dang happy when I opened the boxes on Christmas. Thanks Matt!

These saucony running shoes are simply way too comfortable. And I love how they look. How many outfits can I put together with sneakers? Not that many it turns out. But at least working out is a lot more fun an frequent because I love wearing them.

The snakeskin wedges are from anthropologie but just sold out. They are also very comfortable thanks to that nice inset wedge. A good tip: inset heels support your weight more evenly and don't put as much pressure on the plantar ligaments. The brand is Miss Albright.

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  1. How stylish the wedge shoes is, love them, did you purchase them at



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