Friday, August 28, 2009

Nashvegas, here we come

Tomorrow we'll be going to Nashville for a few days (and maybe a field trip to Memphis). One of my guilty pleasures, the show "Down Home with the Neely's", didn't make the cut forTOP 5: FAVORITE LAME TV SHOWS because it's only sort of lame. So, while in Tennessee, I want to go to to NEELY'S BBQ from the show and get some real Memphis BBQ. Can't wait!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Sartorialist

The book is finally out! Since when do I wait for a book to be out? When the book is all pictures, hooorah! Don't get me wrong, I do like reading, it's just ranks lower than looking at pictures of europeans with great style. My Friend CJ told me about the blog, WWW.THESARTORIALIST.BLOGSPOT.COM. The contributor for GQ and former Valentino marketing rep takes photos of people he sees on the street dresses in designer labels mixed with their own personal style. It's a good break from the mundane world. And now I don't have to have the internet to escape the mundane world; just a credit card at Borders.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Martini

I asked for a bottle of St.Germain for my birthday. It was way better than a gift card. It's an elderflower liquer that takes very earthy, likes herbs and lavender. Great for martinis.

I took off for my birthday today and watched re-runs of Desperate Housewives and Cold Case while drinking a pear tree martini. HERE'S THE RECIPE

My pedicure appointment at ACTAEA WORKS starts at 4pm!

Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The National Cafe

A group and I went to the first Farm to Table Dinner at the THE NATIONAL CAFE. I was completely amazed by this little gem in Walker's Point. Great organic and local food with wine pairings. Can't wait for the next dinner! Or for their brunch. That looks good, too.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Top 5: Favorite Lame TV shows

These are the shows that I immediately turn off if someone walks in the room because I'm so embarassed that I like them.

1. The Golden Girls: As a twelve year old, I would rush home from school to catch the 3:00pm episode on Lifetime. Ah, memories. The Golden Girls will always be that TV show I never stop loving, but always denying it.

2. Ghost Whisperer: A woman who sees Ghosts? The acting is horrible, plots ridiculous, and it has Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sadly, I have stayed home on Friday nights just to watch this show on CBS at 7:30pm. LAME.

3. This Old House: It's a lot lamer than any home improvement show on HGTV, but the truth is, Bob Villa gives the best advice. The projects are intense: gutting 200 hundred year old houses, excavating an entire basement, top end appliances/countertops/windows. Anything is possible if you give Bob Villa a hammer.

4. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: I always say I'm going to stop watching this show because undoubtedly I cry at the end of every show. The secret is out. How embarassing.

5. Paula Deen's Best Dishes: Hey Y'all! Every recipe calls for two and half sticks of butter and a deep fryer.

StoryCorps is guaranteed to make you cry

My friend Abby told me that I had to listen to this. She knows me too well. As a nurse, it hit deep. I then went on to tell all the other nurses I work with. That began the conversation about how telling those important stories in life and documenting them is so important; from adoption stories, to losing parents, to learning family history. It was a very inspirational day. Thanks Abby!

Sarafina Viviano and her mother Dana

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Decemeberists in Madison tonight

I missed the Decemberists earlier this summer when they toured through Milwaukee. I had to be at a conference in Boston. The last Decemberists show was very epic, but, this one may be even more epic. How epic? Rock opera epic. Yep, the whole Hazards of Love album from front to back.


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