Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Backyard Campfire

"S'more to Love" s'more maker, $20 (found via outblush). Pendleton Motor Robe, $62 (on sale).

I really want to sit outside around the fire pit tonight, have some Oktoberfest beer, and maybe tackle s'mores making. That s'mores-making apparatus looks nifty. The weather tonight is going to be perfect-clear sky, chilly (but not cold), and no bugs! But a big wool blanket would be nice!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Live Show: Janelle Monáe

This little chic has got some pipes! Janelle Monae is quite possibly the reincarnation of James Brown circa cape and funk years. She was was at the Pabst last week opening up for Of Montreal, but in my opinion, she stole the show. And if you've ever seen Of Montreal, you know it's hard to steal the show from what can only be described as a circus crossed with a drag-show. Janelle's song Cold War was probably my favorite of the night. She hit some high notes that I don't even think my dog could hear. Here's Janelle Monae's tour schedule. If she's in your area, I think you should go.

{Photos: CJ Foeckler}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Milwaukee Style: Army Green Military Jacket

Fall is here, so you're probably going to have to start grabbing a coat on your way out the door. Here in Milwaukee, it's a nice and mild 60 degrees--perfect for layering with a light jacket. I bought an army trench last spring from the Gap that I have been wearing a lot lately. It's so versatile: green goes with just about anything, you can dress it up or down, it's the perfect weight for fall/spring. For Milwaukee weather (and our laid back atmosphere), this is a pretty good closet essential. Here are some more versions of the army green military jacket......

the sartorialist

the sartorialist

J Crew

style sightings

Roxy Starr via Lookbook

J Crew

gryphon - new york

And for the dudes, too......

american apparel blog

the sartorialist

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Desperate Housewives Style: Eva Longoria Parker's closet

Oh, I have waited for this night for months! It's the season premiere of Desperate Housewives Season 7 (maybe the last)! I do love my girly shows. I have a feeling things will wrap around full circle this season--especially with the return of Paul Young. Given Paul's creepstore past and Andrew's impending confession of Mrs. Solis' murder, redemption seems to be heavy on the docket this season. I just hope Gaby is ready with a few snappy remarks to keep things funny.

About that Gaby, and my obsession with "The Housewives". I am all about admiring them on-screen and off-screen (I even buy Mott's because of Marcia Cross, geeesh! This photo shoot of Eva Longoria Parker's closet was featured in the March '08 issue of InStyle. In the article she says she still wears Uggs-knockoffs and shops the sales. A girl after my own heart, I must say.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Decorating: Math and Science

I am a big fan of decorating your house with items that have some "personal meaning" to you (ie I don't own these). I love incorporating vintage pieces that reflect your profession. For writers--a vintage typewriter. For gardeners--botany prints. For teachers--an old desk or dictionary. For musicians--old instruments or records. As a nurse, I have a mini microscope in my office area and old Florence Nightingale book. If your job or hobby is in math or science here are a few ideas....

(FYI: The Elkhorn Flea Market is tomorrow! I'll be shopping at the crack of dawn and then working at the front desk in the office for the rest of the day. Stop by and say hi if you're there!)

1. Vintage Abacus from GreaterRetroArea 2. Vintage Math Flashcards from SaturdayAMVintage 3. Moon Globe from JHerrmann 4. Vintage Utility Scale from havenvintage 5. Vintage Phrenology head from creamcityvintage 6. Space Telescope from hindsvik 7. Molecular Model from CathodeBlue 8. Black Pepper Botany print from Holcroft 9. Vintage First Aid kit from vintageseventyfive

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reads: Sweet Paul Fall issue

The Fall issue of Sweet Paul magazine is now out! I enjoyed the first, but wasn't blown away. Today, I am totally blown away. This magazine reads more like a well-edited autumn cookbook. And if you have any doubt if these recipes are good, this dude knows his food. Paul Lowe is a prop stylist that often works with top-shelf magazines, gourmet cookbooks, and fancy ad promos. So the pictures in Sweet Paul are second to none. I love when you can see the art and creativity in someone's work (just check out his portfolio. You could really frame some of these photos and hang them in your house.

I can't wait to start trying some of these's the big list of all the recipes inside!

- Butternut Squash + White Bean Stew
- Fall Berries and Rosemary Cooler
- Skillingsboller (Norwegian Cinnamon Rolls)
- Creamy Mushroom and Pancetta Soup
- Pizza with Mushroom, Honey, and Chevre
- Morel and Garlic Pasta with Spinach
- Mushroom Risotto
- Chocolate Orange Cupcakes
- Portobello Mushrooms with Bean Dip
- Chicken Liver Pate
- Roasted Potato, Leek, and Chestnut Soup
- Fall Roasted Chicken Pies
- Roasted Lamb with Rosemary, Mint, and Garlic
- Sauteed Artichoke
- Fennel and Parmesan Shortbread
- Blueberry Streusel Cake
- 1,000 Layer Cake
- Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake
- Lemon and Coconut Cake
- Orange Cake
- Sweet Potato and Spice Cake
- Shepherd's Pie
- Red Wine Braised Short Ribs
- Kale and Bean Soup with Parmesan
- Maple Roasted Chicken with Apricot Jam
- Beef Bourguignon
- Apple Muffins
- Baked Apples with Brown Sugar, Golden Raisins, and Cinnamon
- Poached Apples with Star Anise and Cinnamon
- Apple Butter
- Rustic Apple Tart
- Goat Cheese and Dill Quiche
- Pasta Salad with Roasted Beets and Chevre Cheese
- Lamb Burger with Olive Relish and Goat Cheese
- Hot Chocolate
- Plum and Apple Jam
- Chevre and Honey Open-Faced Sandwich
- Apple and Cinnamon Filled Bread
- Bread On A Stick

all photos: sweet paul mag

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV night! Cougar Town Style

I have to admit, I am quite the Cougar Town fan. I love the outfits, and the home decor, and the campy jokes. I also think it would be fun to drink wine and live in Florida. Due to some family plans, I am going to tape the season 2 premiere tonight and watch it tomorrow. So don't tell me what happens! If you're also a Cougar Town fan (or just a hip chica that likes good style) you'll like these Cougar Town inspired finds:

Entertainment Weekly did a mini set tour of Jules Cobb's house. Check out exactly what products are used on the set!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to clean Hunter Boots

photo: little birds

If you've had wellies long enough, you have probably noticed some filmy white streaks forming over time. I got out my wellies out a couple weeks ago after a long, dry summer and found them all gunked up and shizz. I wanted my cute, bright, shiny wellies back. So I googled. I scrolled through chat rooms. How the hell do I get this stuff off? Soap and water, Dawn dish detergent, even olive oil didn't do the trick. The product "UV Tech" was mentioned a few times, so I searched for that. It's essentially rubber cleaner for boats, but it's also used for scuba diving equipment and outdoor equipment. For about $10, the results were great. In the Milwaukee area, it can be found at REI, Sherper's, or Laacke and Joys. If you're not in the area, it seems like most outdoor stores would stock this. Here's the website for more info: McNett UV Tech.

photos: fashion slacker, the workroom

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MKE locals: Little Friends of Printmaking

This was posted on OnMilwaukee last week. It's a canvas print made by Little Friends of Printmaking, a Milwaukee duo, that is now proudly displayed in the Ace Hotel in New York. Can you believe I've never been to New York? Well, now I know where I want to stay when I do go.

Little Friends of Printmaking are usually hanging out at Art vs. Craft. I hope to see them this year and check out their booth.

See the entire OnMilwaukee article here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Amanda Archer collections

Remember my bridesmaids' dresses? The designer, Amanda Archer, has some new work that's just as fabulous. Her new gold-inspired Premier collection is uber chic, but the long gown from the Wine and Rose collection is probably my favorite. Elegant and beautiful (if only I had a gala to go to). And can I just say, that I don't normally like red, but that little v-neck ruffle dress is quickly changing my mind.

Reading: New Books by Comedians

I started reading an advance copy of Mike Birbiglia's new book a little while ago. Haven't finished it yet, but so far it is hilarious! When I went to search for my next book to read, I saw that there are a bunch of other comedian-authored books coming down the pike. Along with the book, many of them are touring and will making a stop in Milwaukee. Note of advice: bring kleenex, I laughed so hard I cried at Jim Gaffigan.

Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler (out now). At the Milwaukee Theater on November 5th.

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary by David Sedaris (out September 28th). See him at the Riverside on October 23rd.

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris (out November 2nd). 'Strangers With Candy' fans rejoice; she'll be at Turner Hall on November 21st.

Sleep Walk With Me: and Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia. Out October 12th. He'll be in Milwaukee on November 13th.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New stuff: Subscribe to CC&S

Yesssss! I finally figured out how to set up an RSS feed AND an email subscription. Big happenin's, people. Now I'm using words like "chicklet", and "atom feed", and "nerd alert" (probably not important news). What is important is that now you can subscribe to Cream City and Sugar's feeds for post updates and junk. The two links (one for RSS and one for email) are in the column to the right. Go click away!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you ready for some football? (How to throw a Packer party)

Good win yesterday for the Pack. We had a bunch of people over to the house to watch the game. Packer parties (or any team party) is pretty simple: have plenty of beer, a big TV, and plenty of seats. Not hard. But it could be jazzed up a bit with a few easy touches.

Fire Up the Crock Pot: Matt made BBQ pork sliders in the crock pot overnight that were perfectly ready by game time.

Bring on the 'Sconnie' food: What's a Packer party the essentials like brats, cheese plates, beer dip, and sauerkraut?

Bleed Green and Gold: Wear those team colors. I especially love these women's vintage-style shirts and those "we'll never forget you Brent" shirts (Ha!). Having some face paint laying around couldn't hurt, too.

Play some pool: Actual pool would be good (if you have a pool table), but I was thinking more of a betting pool.

Put it in HD: Know your HD channels, figure out your fullscreen/widescreen options (ie read the manual). If you don't have digital cable you can order a temporary package from the cable company.

Roundup at Half-Time: Throw in some Packers Trivia, refill the chips and dip, and turn on some music to supplement the snore-bore commentary.

Drink the Fancy Brews: Parties are a great chance to sample microbrews or the seasonal beers you've always wanted to try. Just have everyone bring a different kind of sixer. Oktoberfest and Pumpkin beers are big during football season. Need some suggestions, check out Draft magazine.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend: Packers, Blogs and Coffee

High Street Market posted this adorbs Madebygirl print today. I may just order their calling cards in the pool color. Anyways, back to High Street Market, I love Kelly's blog and etsy store. Girl crush alert!

Onto the weekend.....
We're having a Packers game day party on Sunday. I have some new recipes up my sleeve that I am going to try. If all goes well, I'll post abou that next week. If it doesn't go well, I'll post about the Oktoberfest beer sampler we're having. Can't mess that up :)

P.S. Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend in Chicago. Is anyone going? I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna be able to get there.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School. Grad School.

This month starts my first semester of graduate school. Yippee! This is the right time, the right program, and the right place. I will be making a commute from Milwaukee to Chicago, but it will be worth it. I have this thing against attending undergrad and grad at the same school. I have a few things on my "back to school" wishlist, but the marble composition books are at the top of any actual list. I used them alllll the time during undergrad because they didn't bend, they packed well, and the pages never fell out. It's the simple things, y'all. So I'll be blogging from the train when I'm not driving through tollways. Any places in Chicago or between here and there I should add to my agenda?? I already know about the Godiva store on Michigan Ave. (it's right across the street from my classes).

The List:
8GB Gold bar USB drive, $21. Microtomic Van Dyke pencils, $23. Marble Composition book, $6. Loyola Chicago Seal T-Shirt, $22. Dean & Deluca reusable jute tote, $4.50.
L.L. Bean Signature collection outfit, $too much for me. Photo of Bryn Mawr student by Katrina Thomas. I-Pass, $50.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Backyard Discovery: Cream City Rickshaw

I finally rode the Cream City Rickshaw last night (along with Matt AND Lulu). The Rickshaws started showing up earlier this summer and are usually in the dowtown Milwaukee hotspots at night. What's cool is that they work on the "Pay What You Want" model. Although Milwaukee is a pretty walkable city, sometimes you just want sit back and ride to your next location. It was a short ride, but I was really excited. Lulu even liked it! So if you're in Milwaukee and bar-hopping or on your way back home, check out the Rickshaw.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

CC&S's September 2010 Calendar

There were just too many things happening this month that I had to write them down.

September 4 : Made In Milwaukee at Cathedral Square
September 6 : Labor Day brunch at Cafe Centraal and both Cafe Hollanders
September 10 : Fashion Night Out Milwaukee
September 10-11 : TosaFest
September 11 : Outpost Truckload Sale
September 11 : Sausage Fest at Cafe Centraal
September 11 : Mondo Lucha at Turner Hall
September 11 : Indian Summer Festival at the Summerfest grounds
September 13 : Packers vs. Eagles, First game of the season
September 14 : Pavement at the Pabst Theater
September 14 : Wisconsin Fall Primary Election
September 18 : Bay View Bash
September 18 : Louis CK at the Riverside Theater
September 23-Oct.3 : Milwaukee Film Festival
September 24 : MAM after dark at the Milwaukee Art Museum
September 24 : Of Montreal / Janelle Monae at the Pabst Theater
September 25 : Urban Ecology Center fall festival
September 25-26 : Global Union world music festival at Humboldt park.
September 26 : Elkhorn Antique and Flea Market

whew! It's gonna be a good (busy) month!


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