Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etsy Finds: retro coffee mugs

1., 2., 3., 3., 4.

It has been so cold lately that doing anything besides hiding under several blankets doesn't sound appealing. That, and school started again. So not much going on here in the world of fashion. Just some new wool socks, winter boots and experimenting with different lip balms.

Focus has shifted to drinking lots of tea, hot chocolate, and soup. Is it dry out or what? I've been eyeing up fun colorful mugs to use. I keep going back to 70's retro mugs on Etsy. They're so unique...a little hideous....but fun. They have me tapping into my inner Mary Tyler Moore a bit. Which is good; I need some inspiration around here. Because if Mary could live in cold and blustery Minneapolis and still look fabulous, there's hope.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dressed for: a Bucks game

camel sweater, green pants, phone case , boots tote bag , Bucks hat, boots

When going to a NBA game, you have two sartorial options: dress like you're going to a club or dress like you're at a basketball game. I guess it depends where your seats are as to which way you lean. I like to dress in the middle - dark skinny jeans and a nice top or colored or patterned pants and a warm knit sweater. Fun wedge booties or polished riding boots are nice footwear options because you'll inevitably have to walk outside in January. Instead of doing the traditional graphic tee to support the team, I often look to add subtle details like team earrings, a fun hat to wear into the building, socks, or iphone cases to support the team in a more controlled fanatical manner. After all, I'm not in tryouts for Squad 6 or anything.

Now, let's talk shop. I know the Packers lost last week and that's depressing. It's gonna take a while to shake that off. But it does leave lots of extra time to watch more Bucks games. Wisconsin's pro basketball team has a winning record and a season that goes into April. And if you go to a game, you don't have to wear long underwear. I see this as a win-win.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Year in Beer

I'm down with looking at beer and food all day, everyday for a year. Especially these wonderfully drawn pairings. Artist Heidi Schweigert's Beer and Food calendar is $24 on Etsy. Find it here

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I like: Nomaterra fragrances

When I shop for fragrances, I look for light, clean notes that remind me of a certain time or place - like my discontinued bottle of perfume that I stringently ration because it reminds me of the blossoms on my grandfather's citrus trees. Or the fragrance I bought in Boston that reminds of that trip to Boston and that time in my life.

So I was delighted to hear that nomaterra fragrances, a new brand out of Brooklyn was adhering to my philosophy in fragrance - let it evoke a time and place. They have three fragrances of three cities. Nomaterra sent me three samples to try out on my own and I'm so happy with them. I have been looking high and low for a good new fragrance. Washington, DC is my favorite. It's a classic scent, that smells like you've walked along the tidal basin cherry trees, mixed with an hour in the the musk and tobacco of a senator's office. It really does reminds me of my many work trips to DC. It's a good year round choice. East Hampton is a citrusy and woody scent that wears well in the spring and summer. It smells like a garden close to the ocean. Finally, Miami is more exotic, spicy, and sweet. It kind of reminds me of my trip to Costa Rica. It's probably the ylang-ylang, which I love.

I'm pretty picky about my fragrances, but I would definitely recommend all three. You can try the same sample trio for $10, which honestly is worth it for TSA travel or to throw in your purse. Bottles are sold with an extra 15ml refill ($110) or you can buy the travel fragrance wipes ($36) which would be perfect for no-mess freshening up when on the go. Order online at And find them on facebook here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can't stop listening to: Haim

When I first heard the song above I thought it was like a mix of TuneYards and Gloria Estefan and the Miami Soundmachine. I dug it. It's catchy but soft around the edges. You don't have to go too far out on a limb to like it. But the rest of the album is classic indie with more of an 80 soft rock-ness that really mixes well. I'm humming this second song a lot these days.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, New shoes

My feet are very excited about 2013. They were in need of some more fashionable, err functional attire (no offense ol' puma sneakers with holes in them). I was pretty dang happy when I opened the boxes on Christmas. Thanks Matt!

These saucony running shoes are simply way too comfortable. And I love how they look. How many outfits can I put together with sneakers? Not that many it turns out. But at least working out is a lot more fun an frequent because I love wearing them.

The snakeskin wedges are from anthropologie but just sold out. They are also very comfortable thanks to that nice inset wedge. A good tip: inset heels support your weight more evenly and don't put as much pressure on the plantar ligaments. The brand is Miss Albright.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Week in Review

I realized something this week. The week of Christmas to New Years is like spring break for working people. It seemed like everyone was off of work. I didn't care what day it was. I could do anything I wanted. And I got some good hangout time in with friends and family. I went to midnight mass at St. Josaphat's Basillica - the most beautiful church in Milwaukee. We hosted Christmas day brunch at our house - The Christmas village buildings were from the Dollar Tree and we figured out quiches are great for feeding a large group. I spent New Years Eve seeing Jim Gaffigan at the Pabst again - it never gets old, he's that good. Then finally New Years day brunch at Cafe Hollander. Brunch played a big part in my Christmas break.....obviously.


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