Friday, August 7, 2009

Top 5: Favorite Lame TV shows

These are the shows that I immediately turn off if someone walks in the room because I'm so embarassed that I like them.

1. The Golden Girls: As a twelve year old, I would rush home from school to catch the 3:00pm episode on Lifetime. Ah, memories. The Golden Girls will always be that TV show I never stop loving, but always denying it.

2. Ghost Whisperer: A woman who sees Ghosts? The acting is horrible, plots ridiculous, and it has Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sadly, I have stayed home on Friday nights just to watch this show on CBS at 7:30pm. LAME.

3. This Old House: It's a lot lamer than any home improvement show on HGTV, but the truth is, Bob Villa gives the best advice. The projects are intense: gutting 200 hundred year old houses, excavating an entire basement, top end appliances/countertops/windows. Anything is possible if you give Bob Villa a hammer.

4. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: I always say I'm going to stop watching this show because undoubtedly I cry at the end of every show. The secret is out. How embarassing.

5. Paula Deen's Best Dishes: Hey Y'all! Every recipe calls for two and half sticks of butter and a deep fryer.

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