Sunday, June 13, 2010

Travel Style: Roman Holiday

1. English-Italian dictionary 2. Come Away with Me dress from Modcloth 3. Ring of Roses tank from Anthropologie 4. Riptide swimsuit from Anthropologie 5. Calypso wedges by Toms 6. Morgan sunglasses from Banana Republic 7. The Ellie bag from Rubie Green 8. Vespa GTS 300

I have been putting a lot of thought into what I'm going to pack for our Italy trip. Mostly because we will be on a Vespa for the majority of the trip and I need to pack a small bag of duel-functioning outfits and essential comfort (but stylish--this IS Italy) items. So here's my plan: dresses, non-wrinkle fabrics, comfortable wedges and a nice pair of sunglasses. That should get me through the majority of my clothing needs.

Stay tuned to see how the packing goes......


  1. don't you LOVE the new TOMS wedges??

    i've been thinking about a pair for our trip to Germany and Austria. :)

  2. a pair of cute havaianas are great for the cobblestone streets where wedges might be dangerous (or the hundreds of steps on the amalfi coast!)

  3. Very nice tip! I hadn't thought about steps/cobblestones.

  4. i typically hate toms because they look like something a homeless person made out of newspaper and tape imo, but those wedges don't look disgusting at all! they're actually super cute! want!!



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