Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm in Chicago today en route to O'Hare for a long USAID trip to Monrovia, Liberia (with a stop over in Accra, Ghana). I'll be doing a leadership training and some meetings, hopefully some touring around. For the flight, I have plenty of West Wing DVDs to keep me company along with my laptop and trusty lock. Gotta love those long flights. So, I'll be posting from the road so be prepared when you tune in and see embassy buildings and rainforests instead of Lake Michigan, beer and brats.

Just a note about Liberia: It's just beginning its recovery from a decades long civil war. There aren't many pretty pictures out of Liberia, so while I'm in between meetings, I hope to get some good photos of more positive subjects. I know there's a lot more to the country than war and violence. So stay tuned!

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