Friday, February 18, 2011

Grandpa Pete's Favorite Things

1. Red Wing boots, 2. Birds of North America field guide, 3. Klein Tools canvas pouch, 4. Stanley Thermos, 5. Carhartt wool socks, 6. Vintage binoculars

Earlier this week, my grandpa Pete passed away. I have a lot of memories of him working in the garage, bird watching, and road tripping. Looking back, he really understood quality and durability in what he bought. These were some of his favorites above.

I just flew in DC today and am looking at a map of Capitol Hill. The US Navy Shipyard is just a few blocks south of here. Grandpa Pete enlisted in the Navy and served for 6 years and during WWII. Below is a picture of him in San Diego. So, in memory of him, I think I'll go check out the Shipyard and pretend that I'm sitting in a spot he once sat.



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