Friday, March 23, 2012

a Mad Men dinner party

Plaid Pillow, lowball glasses, cocktail shaker, pollock dish set, steak knives, vintage cookbook

I cannot wait until Sunday night. Mad Men returns for the 5th season with a 2 hour premiere at 8pm. I'm having people over for a Mad Men style dinner and premiere watching. I have some old 60's dishes and plan to make petit steaks; friends are bringing the sides....and a six pack of Heineken (remember Betty's dinner party?).

I just started watching Mad Men at the beginning of the year and chipped away at all four seasons having just finished this week. Now I'm 100% ready for Season 5. Is Betty going to regret divorcing Don? Joan is going to pretend the baby is Greg's? good luck. Is Don really going to marry his secretary? I mean really. Is Sally going to turn into a wild devil child? And will Sal ever come back??? So many questions. And if this show doesn't sound intriguing enough, just watch the promo clip below and tell me this show isn't awesome.

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