Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Backyard Discovery: Vintage Rentals

In addition to serving some pretty rad catering, I just found out that Ball 'n Biscuit also rents some pretty rad vintage place settings -- like old plates, napkins and silverware. And if you want to decorate, they'll rent out decor items like old doors, wooden crates and suitcases. For a big dinner party or small event, this would add a ton of originality to the decor. It would probably cause some audible OMGs and jaw drops. And at a dollar or two per piece, what's not to love. If you live in the Milwaukee area, you can pick it up or they can arrange for a larger order to be delivered most anywhere. I'm really loving this business concept.
Time to get my vintage dinner party flair on, I'd say.

*Photos by Kat Schleicher for Ball 'n Biscuit

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