Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the Road: Nashville/Memphis pictures....finally

Sooooo sorry this post took forever. I had to get enlist some serious help with photoshop from MATT on this post. Thanks, Matt!

Let's start out by saying my hopes were not high for the "Country music capitol of the world". I figured we'd go and see some stuff but mostly hang out in the nice resort for the long weekend, then trip it over to Memphis to see Graceland and eat BBQ (what I really wanted to do). Turns out I loved Nashville and would definitely recommend a visit. Country music was piped out onto the downtown streets and line dancing flourished, but it was kind of endearing. Nashville was a lot bigger than I expected (bigger than Milwaukee). The Ryman Theater was probably my favorite stop along the way. It was Home to the Grand Ole Opry. No longer, though. The current one was out by our hotel and totally commercialized.

We did eventually find Neely's BBQ in Memphis. I was the most excited person in the hole place; I love the cooking show "Down Home with the Neely's on Food Network. We split a full rack of ribs, had some BBQ Spaghetti, and fries on the deck overlooking the Cumberland river. Oddly, there were dozens of swimming turtles just below the deck in the river. River turtles, no idea that existed. In Memphis, we went to BB King's Roadhouse.

These are horses from the backyard of Matt's aunt. Some pictures of our hotel and balcony. Andrew Jackson's home, the Hermitage. And the Nashville zoo, a red panda....and the travelocity gnome?

Memphis was simply dying. Very run-down and poor. Beale St. was only a few blocks long and not very happening on a Monday afternoon. Graceland was sort of creepy: the outside wall was covered with writing, candles, and flowers. Keep in mind, he died 30 yrs ago.

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