Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Weekend: Global Union

This Chicago band's performance was best thing I experienced all week. The were a cross between gypsies, a pep band, punk-rockers, circus performers, and the Disney magic lights parade. I loved watching the cheerleader rock his thing--What energy!

While there, I checked out:

- Rishi Tea from Milwaukee to have some CITRUS ICED TEA. Great orange/lemon/peach flavor

- WEST BANK CAFE for some lemongrass teriyaki chicken kabob. Delicious! (FYI: unfortunately, this restaurant is in a crap-hole of a neighborhood)

- IMMY'S for some East African grub. I know my African food, and these bites were goooood.

Definitely some of the best ethnic festival food (second to maybe the Folk Fair?). It sure beat corn dogs!

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