Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Fix: Hot workout clothes

I joined Bayview Fitness last week and now I'm in the market for some hot workout clothes. New clothes for the gym are always a good way to get motivated and feel good about working out. There aren't too many hotties at the gym besides my fiance who goes with me, but I still want to look good. Check out my wishlist:

Top row: Sherpa Tunic from Anthropologie, Om Tee from Bela Tees
Middle rows: Groove Crop II from Lululemon, Hills Pullover from Lululemon, Sigg water bottle, Voltaic Running shoes from Puma
Bottom row: Recycled Sail Tote from Reiter8, Cami performance sport bra from Champion


  1. If only I had the budget to look this stylish when working out.....*sigh*

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