Friday, April 8, 2011

Life and Style: The Master's Tournament

1. "Tea-Time at the Master's" Recipe Book, 2. Lilly Pulitzer Cassie Sweater, 3. Burberry checked umbrella, 4. Lacoste shopping bag, 5. Bodum Ice Tea pitcher, 6. Tory Burch Travel Socks, 7. Williams-Sonoma drink dispenser

I've played golf....twice. I wasn't very good, but even if I did take lessons or work on my swing, I have a feeling I'd only be in it for the Arnold Palmers and pristine grassy views. That's why I love checking out the Master's Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club. The course is so beautiful I sometimes forget there's a game going on.

The Master's Tournament goes on until Sunday and is aired on ESPN or CBS.

Hole No. 6, "Juniper", at Augusta


  1. Such a cute inspiration board! love it. Way to turn something I have absolutely no interest in to something that's relevant (cute shorts and iced drinks help).

  2. Whoops--posted that under the wrong profile. But both of my profiles love it :)



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