Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Vespa Ride

My husband has been taking the Vespa to work almost everyday since early March (Spring comes pretty late to Wisco). I patiently wait for him to get home and pray for nice weather so that I can hop on, but it always ends up being too cold, too rainy, too windy, or too late for a ride. But last weekend, when it was a glorious 84 degrees (remember that?) I looked by the garage to see the Vespa staring back at me. I grabbed the keys and ran. We (the scooter and I) took to the streets, zooming down KK. If you A) don't have a scooter B) live in a city or C) hate gas prices or bad parking, then you need a scooter. I parked on the sidewalk next to Groppi's next to 2 other Vespas. Now, if I only looked as cool as these European women riding a Vespa below. Well, I did strap a 6-pack of O'so Brewery The Big O beer onto the rack for the ride home (more on that tomorrow). That's how we roll in Wisconsin.

Do you have a Vespa/Scooter/motorcycle? Have you been out riding this spring?

images: the sartorialist


  1. Someday I will have a scooter.
    And cork heel wedges.
    And a 6-pack of Pabst.

  2. Amazing post and lovely shots!!!Thanks for sharing!



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