Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go-to Baby Shower Gift Guide

I've been to quite a few baby showers this year. Last year it was 9 weddings. As a non-mom, I honestly didn't know where a baby store was or even what half of the stuff inside was. But after doing the rounds, I think baby shower gifts fit into three simple categories.....

The Long-Lasters
These are the sentimental gifts, things that will be around for years to come and not easily outgrown. I know newborn outfits are cute, but babies grow an inch a month for the six months. So maybe they'll fit into that $20 outfit for a day if you're quick. Choosing items like these are subject to the mom's taste and often knowledge of the gender, but fun fabrics and good quality can grow with a kid over the years.
Petit Collage Alphabet Animal Poster, $30-$50.
Organic Baby Quilt, $58.
Leah Duncan pillow, $38.

The Practical Pieces
Seasoned moms know all the new gadgets and tricks. I do not. However, these gifts have been big hits at the showers I have been to. These are the gifts you didn't even know existed but a new mom will love you for getting her. Like washable, waterproof zip bags for storing dirty duds while out or pee-pee teepees. Getting peed on is no laughing matter, people.
Pee-Tee Teepees $10.
Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs, $10 each.
Baggu Zip bags, $8-$12.

The Fun Stuff
Lastly, the toys. Personally, shopping for the toys is my favorite. Just remember that moms will appreciate the educational ones and cautiously approve the fuzzy, plush, painted ones. Safety and quality first. Imagine your dog with the toy. If you can imagine them tearing it up and eating the eyeballs in 5 minutes, it's not uber safe. That's my safety test, but reading the labels will help you too. Also, babies are tacticle and use basic motor skills so look for different textures and movement.
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe, $18.
Jelly Cat Puppy Tails Plush Book, $14.
Nesting Birds, $35.


  1. I like to give books, and little books like Beatrix Potter classics or Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library are some of my favorites.

  2. i heart this :) so good to see you on Sat!

  3. I was at a baby shower last week where the mom-to-be received Sophie the Giraffe and everyone was raving about it. As a non-mom, myself, I was left scratching my head as to why this toy is such an amazingly popular gift. But, everyone seems to love it, so it's a great suggestion!

  4. Books are perfect for baby showers. In fact, two of the baby showers this year were book-themed. The classics like Beatrix are great, but I would suggest adding a little plush bunny to the package to play with unitl their old enough to be trusted around paper pages. I always feel bad when they have to wait to play with their toys. I easily guilted I guess.

    The Sophie Giraffe was even sold out most places in Milwaukee last year. I guess the thing is non-toxic or something and it's made in France so moms love it. I think you can also freeze it for use when teething. I know, it's weird.

  5. Why do you think I started making my own blankets? {answer: so that I wouldn't have to go to the scary baby mega stores!} :)

    Love your inspiration guide. My siblings rave about Sophie for their little ones.



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