Friday, July 1, 2011

Top 5: Things to do this 4th of July Weekend

1. Summerfest. Girl Talk is tonight. Jayhawks and Alejandro Escovedo on Sunday. The Invaders tomorrow. Wiz Khalifa on Tuesday. There's plenty to see. Here's JSonline Guide.

2. Lounging: We don't have any plans for 4th of July yet and I like that. I hope to just hang out in the backyard, make some blueberry muffins and enjoy the day.

Source: via Alie on Pinterest

3. Reading: However, I will need to get in copious amounts of reading and preparing for a test on Tuesday and an assignment due as well. So, lounging will have a curfew. I hope you, however, get to read for pleasure and not for pain. I hear bossypants is good. I plan to add a floppy hat and pretend I'm reading bossypants instead of epidemiology.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

3. Humboldt Park Fireworks: I love the small town feel of these fireworks. And plenty of food trucks turn out for the fun. Pizza and fireworks. awesome.

Source: None via Paige on Pinterest

4. Beach: I hope to take a couple longs walks this weekend. Hopefully, swinging by the beach and putting my feet in for a little. I hope Lulu the dog does OK with water. Never tried to get her in the water (even a little).

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

5. Put up a flag: I'm going to make a quick stop to the hardware store to get some small little flags to put in our front yard this weekend. We'll see about a big flag, too.

UPDATE: How could I forget the PBR Street Festival? Outside Burnheart's Bar on July 3rd (Potter and Logan) from noon-8pm. The Wildbirds, Faux Fir, Jon Burkes, The Etiquette, Fresh Cut Collective will be playing!

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