Friday, August 12, 2011

Local Style: Flea Market Chic




Along with finding great deals, flea markets are great for people watching. Granted, the majority of flea market go-ers dress in a mixture of overalls, gym shoes, and baseball caps, there are some pretty well-dressed peeps in the crowd. Being well-dressed also means dressing practically. You'll be walking through some gravel, some mud, and puddles, so shoes work the best. An extra layer for the chilly mornings, some sunscreen, and a nice big bag should be worked into the wardrobe. I really don't get why people wear platform wedges or short skirts to these things. But, I love seeing people incoporate vintage jewlery or a hat into their style. I hope I find some of those pieces like that this weekend.

The Elkhorn Flea Market is this Sunday and just a 45 minute drive from Milwaukee and 90 minute ride from Chicago. And since the weather looks beautiful this weekend, their over 500 dealers will be wheelin' and dealin' left and right. As always, I'll be there bright and early with travel mug in hand. See you there!

The Details:
What: Elkhorn Antique and Flea Market
When: General Admission, $5: Sunday 7am - midafternoon (no official close), Early Buyers, $25: Saturday 1pm - 7pm, Sunday 5am-7am
Where: Walworth County Fairgrounds: 411 East Court Steet, Elkhorn, WI

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  1. I really wanted to go but will end up going to the fair today instead. Have a great time, dress cute (and comfortable) and I hope you find some good things!



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