Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reading: Graze magazine

Yes, the season of reading has resumed. Fall semester started yesterday. And although I'll be occupying my time reading about nursing and pharmacology and the world of higher education, I would like to break up the density and fifteen letter words with some light, inspiring, and leisurely reading. On my last trip to Outpost I picked up their new magazine (their free monthly Exchange paper died last year) called Graze. In addition to their cover story about berries, this issue features an article about a trout farm in Kettle Morraine, locally-made BBQ sauce and a round table talk about sustainability. Oh, and there's plenty of recipes, too. For the $1.99 sticker price ($0.99 if you're a coop owner) I gained a lot from this magazine and will no doubt be using some of the recipes. Nothing against People magazine, of course.

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