Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Nail Colors

I looked down at my toes in the shower this morning at the summery coral-orange nail polish and decided it was time to say goodbye. The transition of summer nail colors into fall nail colors is really a mental shift. I just haven't been able to let summer go, but with Halloween fast approaching (along with our annual epic costume party/ husband's birthday), I need to get my head in the game.

This fall, I'm seeing a lot of DARK, dark nail polish. And colors not typically seen on nails. To my neutral only tendencies, coral-orange was a big step! Just ask my pedicurist how many minutes of indecisiveness it took for me to pull that trigger.
So, what color will be next?? There are some hot new colors out there.....

Deep greens..........

the beauty of life

Rich burgundys..........


Flame oranges..........

absent daughters

Slate Greys..........

julie frick

1 comment:

  1. I have a hard time with green polish but I love the slate color!



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