Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MKE Style: Halloween Decorating

1. Target Eyeball string lights
2. Trixiedelicious Skull Plate
3. Modcloth Downtown Coat
4. Vintage black vase
5. BugsUnderGlass Museum-framed Cicada

Our annual Halloween costume party/Husband's birthday is fast approaching! Every year we throw a themed costume party, get a keg, and celebrate. It has turned into one epic event. I usually expect about 50 people, but the number has ballooned up to 80 friends and co-workers. Fortunately, I feel like I have the prep-work under control this year. Most of the major floor cleaning, dusting, etc is behind me. The next few days I will be arming myself with a roll of cheesecloth and putting on the final touches. And putting out some of my favorite halloween decorations, including my framed bug collection. It's pretty spooky. My vintage pieces will surely go nicely with the noise-activated life-sized ghost hanging from our ceiling.

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