Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have been hearing amazing reviews of Jo Malone fragrance swarming around the internet. There was a new light citrusy-scent out there? I had to try it. But the price for Jo Malone is sort of high. So I bought a sample. Yes, $3.49 is sort of dumb for tiny sample usually given out free, but it was better than spending $70 or $110 on a bottle I didn't like. Jo Malone is not sold anywhere near Milwaukee. Try the Neiman Marcus in Northbrook, IL. I got the Nectarine Blossom and Honey sample from here and really liked it. It's light, a hint of floral, but very fresh. The Christmas List is already forming, people.

photo: bloomingdales

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  1. I picked up a bottle of Gardenia while I was in London this Spring. I liked so many scents and nada hard time deciding on what to buy! It is pricey but I find the scent goes a long way. I plan on purchasing another bottle/scent via Nordstrom. Online there's free ship, no tax, and Ebates! Every little savings helps!



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