Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dinner and a Movie: Indie, Spaghetti and Cocktails

While I love going out and seeing what's new and exciting in Milwaukee, I also love making dinner and watching a movie in my pj's. My friend Melissa is on the same page. So last Friday was GNO in my living room with the both of us looking up recipes on Pinterest, cooking, and watching Your Sister's Sister.

The movie was great. It's about two half-sisters and the guy that gets between them - a little awkward, a little funny, and a lot of layers. I had actually watched it the night before but talked it up so much that we watched it again. I remember hearing about the movie on NPR - the acting was very organic, often unscripted. Speaking of movies......the Milwaukee Film Fest is going on and I'm determined (even with working 10-12hr days) to get my butt over there to see the documentary Ethel.

Anyways, onto the food. Our spaghetti with tomatoes, black olives, garlic, and feta cheese recipe was from Food & Wine here. Our Honey Badger cocktails were champagne and St. Germain Cocktails with honey syrup from the blog Design Love Fest. Find the recipe here. These were freakin' delicious. So perfect for fall.

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