Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Dinner

cutting board, Lobster tails, heart headband, My Life in France, Yours Mine glasses, mini cocotte

Instead of going out to eat, the husband and I are going to cook dinner at home. The hubs has gotten really into cooking over the past year (yessss!) so we're taking it up a notch (baAAM!) and making broiled lobster tails. Don't worry, he's done this before. I'm in charge of desserts. We keep to what we know. If you're in Milwaukee, the St. Paul Fish Co. in the Public Market is a good place to shop for fresh seafood. And if you want to buy desserts, the Milwaukee Cupcake Co. would be a perfect stop.

There's still a little over a week to plan (I hope my heart headband gets here in time). So here are some more ideas for a V-day dinner here and here.

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