Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etsy Finds: retro coffee mugs

1., 2., 3., 3., 4.

It has been so cold lately that doing anything besides hiding under several blankets doesn't sound appealing. That, and school started again. So not much going on here in the world of fashion. Just some new wool socks, winter boots and experimenting with different lip balms.

Focus has shifted to drinking lots of tea, hot chocolate, and soup. Is it dry out or what? I've been eyeing up fun colorful mugs to use. I keep going back to 70's retro mugs on Etsy. They're so unique...a little hideous....but fun. They have me tapping into my inner Mary Tyler Moore a bit. Which is good; I need some inspiration around here. Because if Mary could live in cold and blustery Minneapolis and still look fabulous, there's hope.

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