Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Backyard Discovery: 4th street Forum

I've been to Turner Hall, mostly to see live music, and I've had the famous fish fry at the Historic Turner Restaurant. I have seen the Fourth Street Forum at Turner Hall on MPTV (our PBS station) but always change the channel and say "ughhh, why isn't a good documentary on?". Well,today, I was on the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee website and was actually reading about it, when I realized, this ain't so boring. Each week, the forum is comprised of different community leaders and the topic is a different "Milwaukee issue". Very town hall meeting-esque. This week the topic will be "Domestic Violence, Dangerous Homes", at Turner Hall on Thursday at noon. However, those of us nerds with jobs, will have to check out the Itunes Podcast or watch it on Sunday morning at 9am on MPTV.

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