Monday, November 16, 2009

C'Mon Milwaukee, organize a Tweed ride

NPR ran a story about the tweed ride that took place in DC last weekend. Dozens of big cities in the US, Australia, and Europe are doing this. LA will host their Tweed, Moxie, and Mustache bike ride this weekend. It looks like it would be a very fashionable, whimsical/ironic, humorous, and enjoyable social outing. Now, the moustache trend is starting to wear out, but the Tweed thing could be a new emerging trend. Tweed has shown up on the Sartorialist blog a few times. Unfortunately, I don't look good in many tweeds, excepts tweed scarves. So, I may pass on this fad and wait for the next one. However, I would don a tweed cap, suspenders and a pair of oxfords if it meant riding through Milwaukee in a Tweed Ride!

Photos from SF Tweed Ride here and here on flickr


  1. I just caught the NPR story this past morning. I'm currently living and working in South Korea, but was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. I agree that Milwaukee should organize a Tweed Ride. From what I've been reading, and what you've posted, there have been rides in L.A., San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. Though Milwaukee is no immense metropolitan area, the bike culture is strong. I'd be all in for taking part. A good starting point would be to get in contact with places like Ben's Cycle, South Shore Cyclery and possibly some vintage clothing stores like Yellow Jacket and Dragonfly to get the word out. You could even get something running on velospace for the single speed and fixie riders out there. Good luck, sounds like a wonderful time.

  2. Hi! I love getting comments! I think next September or October would be perfect weather for this so I'm putting the bug out now (great suggestions by the way) and we'll see how far it gets by next year. Have you heard of the Santa ride? I think I'm going to do it this winter; it's organized by the Diablos Rojos guys and everyone dresses up as Santa Claus and bikes through Milwaukee, stopping at bars along the way .

    Thanks for reading!



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