Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fox and the City

Everyone is coming out of hibernation; jackets are off, people are outside, and that Fox has re-emerged. Several years ago, I was training with the Beans & Barley cycling team and would ride the wooded Oak Leaf Trail everyday. I saw a fox running up from the river's edge and was completely shocked/frightened/excited. Holy crap! There's a fox! In the city limits! Over the summer months, I would be lucky to see it, but then people started feeding him and he became very people-friendly. C'mon people, we know better than to feed wild animals. Well, several years have passed and they've multiplied, mostly the near East Side, the lakefront, and South Shore Park. Last night, we were driving north on Water St. and almost hit one! Watch out, little guy, it's a dangerous world out there!

Photos: (top to bottom) gesika22, thaumazin, j03


  1. Foxes are the cutest animals. Especially after seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    But it's sad because I did some research and apparently they don't make very good pets. Sad.

  2. There is a family of foxes that lives under someones porch on the East Side...while riding my bike one day I was stunned at how close the Fox's would interact with people without getting scared off. Amazing to see this in the middle of the city!



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