Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Paisano

We had the Paisano pizza yesterday at Transfer, one of my favorite pizza places. It was so spicy but so good! I kept on eating it even though my eyes were watering. (I have a very pathetic tolerance for heat/spicy). Here's what's on it: mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto sauce, hot Italian sausage, and aged asiago cheese. Anyone else out there love spicy food, but can't hardly eat it? I wonder if I could grow a tolerance to spicy stuff?


  1. I love a great pizza and the one you described sounds AMAZING. However, I'm not great with spicy foods. That said, the right foods (like that pizza) could be worth it!

    Found your blog via design*sponge and am thrilled to find another blogger from Wisconsin and also a blog that will get me out of my city and into Milwaukee to do some exploring!

  2. Did you know another Transfer Pizza is going in on Downer Avenue! Have you tried "Bob's Special"?

    (And I know that guy in the background of the photo!).

    Hope you're doing well!



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