Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spa time: Sara's dry skin remedy kit

My skin is always dry, but these mid-winter dry spells really turn me into walking parchment paper. That's when I break out my dry skin remedy kit filled with the best dry skin products I have found over the years. What stuff works for you guys? Any suggestions for lil' ol' me?

Top to bottom:
Lather Bamboo Creme Hair Wash and Rinse, H20+ Sea Salt Body Scrub, Nivea Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream, YonKa Fruitelia Renewing Lotion, Lace for the Face exfoliator, LOTS of water (with lemon, cucumber, or mint), Good Ol' Carmex, Soft Bristle Nail brush (use to scrub body, too)

Hey, check out my guest blog today over at Haute Apple Pie. It's a Spring Break Staycation guide to beautiful (yet cold) Milwaukee!


  1. Try Alba's Sea Plus Renewal Cream. It's a thick, affordable and awesome night cream but you could use it during the day if your skin was really dry. I'm addicted.

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  3. I am addicted to Carmex and so is my wife.



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