Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the kitchen: Riviera Maya's Tortilla Soup


This soup is so good! Can I get an 'Amen'? I have had it many times since it's served with almost everything on the menu at Riviera Maya, and every time I eat it up with lightning speed. Their margaritas there are also incredibly good. In fact, Riviera Maya is one of the reasons we moved to Bay View. We told our realtor that we needed a house with good restaurants within walking distance.

I found the recipe in the Journal Sentinel's "You Asked For It" section. Now I can make it at home!


  1. AMEN!

    thanks for the link. can it be? can i really have riviera maya at home?? seems too good to be true! :)

  2. Their tortilla soup is seriously the best anywhere. I used to think, "If only I lived nearby, I'd go there all the time." I can't WAIT to try this recipe! Thank you! (Though there' is that saying about how food tastes better when someone else cooks it for you...)



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