Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend: A wedding, Lake Geneva, and KFC

We drove down to Lake Geneva today for my friend's wedding. I grew up nearby, but since I've moved away I seemed to have forgotten how pretty the town is in spring. I always remembered it for the Illinois weekend tourists and horrible downtown traffic, but there's a lot of charm to that town. Here are some flickr photos from Luiz Felipe Castro. He really captures what I'm talking about. Between the wedding ceremony and the reception we took a detour over to KFC. Mostly, we went because we were intrigued/fascinated by the Double Down, but wimped out and did not order it.


  1. i definitely think that living by lake geneva (and working in lake geneva, in my case) tainted it for me, but it really is a pretty place.

    my favorite LG spot: breadloaf book shop. they moved it a few years ago to a house right across from the public beach. the owners are such cool people :)

    in other news, how can they call the double-down a sandwich? sick.

  2. I grew up here, too! (Williams Bay, but within a 3-minute bike ride of the beach. =) I lived and worked summers here until I was 18 and loved every minute of it. Sure, there are tourists, but there are plenty of beautiful things to be see a little off the beaten path. The surrounding farmlands, the lakeshore path at certain points where tourists get too tired to trek to, the middle of the lake on a early morning summer weekday - heaven, to me! I got married here 2 years ago, too. Loved seeing this on a Monday morning!

  3. I looked at that venue in the top pic as a possible location for my upcoming wedding! It was easy to rule out, however, because the man who was supposed to give us the tour never showed up at the appointment. I could only peer through the locked doors to get a vague idea of the place. We're getting married at the Osthoff in Elkhart Lake instead. =)

    We also looked at the Grand Geneva resort, which I have stayed in before and I loved, but my grandfather has mobility issues... so a less sprawling location (and an elevator) seemed best suited to accommodate him.



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