Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Update: The Wedding Wishlist

Everyone has asking if we're registered somewhere for the wedding. Honestly, we don't really need "extra stuff". We bought our house a couple years ago and have already purchased all the necessities. Our Italy honeymoon this summer will be a big trip so contributions or gifts toward the trip would be gratefully accepted, but if you feel the need to get us something tangible here are a few things we've picked out. I've always pictured wedding gifts as things that are kept and cherished for years, so I picked items that are practical and classic. I also threw in the items that we will probably purchase with monetary wedding gifts.

1. Silver Bowls: We entertain a lot and could use bowls or serving pieces for flowers, gifts, or Doritos when the dudes are over. I usally find these in antique stores or at flea markets. High Street Market may have them in stock for $30-$50.

2. Throws or blankets: This linen Brahms Mount throw is on sale at Anthropologie. I really like it! It's $100, but it will last a lifetime. Haptic Lab makes handmade quilts with embroidered city maps. Guest blankets or quilts would be nice, too.

3. Glasses or plates: These colorful tumblers or glasses are from Anthropologie at $8-$10 each. Pretty dessert plates would come in useful, too. Probably service for 10 or 12.

4. Coffe or Tea Time: We love our coffee and tea. We already have a french press and plenty of cups. This carafe is from Crate & Barrel for $35.

5. Anything Monogrammed: Stationery always comes in usefull. My new initials will be SJB or you could do mBs for Matt and Sara Beringer. Broadway paper or Cambria Cove have great stuff.

6. Napkins and Linens: For all that entertaining, I go through a lot of napkins. Our dining room is black and beige with golden yellow accents. Service for 10-12. Our table is 36x74 (extends to 98).

7. A New Dishwasher: Our dishwasher is very old, so if you give us cash, we will be putting it towards a new GE Cafe Series dishwasher to match the stove.

8. Beer glasses: We always have plenty of microbrews and belgian beers on hand. A set of nice beer glasses would be nice for entertaining or hanging out on the patio. Set of 6-8.

9. Home Improvement: These will come in handy for our house projects. Our house is very old and there are always projects to do. We need a new ceiling in my workout room and a new patio for the backyard.

10. Green Ford Fiesta: Matt is obsessed with this car. I find the color repulsive, but at least it gets good gas mileage.

11. Plants: I really, really want a Meyer lemon tree. I don't take care of the plants at our house, but I promise Matt will water and tend to whatever tree or plant you give us.

12. Home Depot gift cards: When in doubt, gift card it. We can use these for all of our home and garden projects this summer. Those Visa gift cards are a good gift, too. They're great for travel because you can register them so they're protected if stolen. They would be really nice while traveling through Italy!

13. Italy Honeymoon: We will be traveling through Italy on a Vespa in July for our honeymoon. We've picked a route and a few must-see places like the Vatican, a cooking class, and Palermo, but the rest of the 2 weeks will be figured out as we go. That's why I didn't register on or anything, because we don't know where we'll end up. We travel best when we pick a road and take what comes.


  1. I love this post! Everything you picked is lovely, but I agree; shared experiences (and a kick-a$$ honeymoon) are way more worthwhile! My husband and I did the same thing after our Lake Geneva, WI wedding 2 years ago.... asked mostly for contributions to our 'honeymoon fund' which we spent on a 2-week trip to Sweden and Paris, France the following summer. Amazing.

  2. Did you know that you can get those same confetti glasses at Kohls department stores? They're probably cheaper, I would imagine. I have the same ones but with stems. They're great, and we get compliments all the time!



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