Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decorating: Monticello

On the overseas plane ride, I read the entire Elle Decor magazine (among like 5 others). Yes, READ it, instead of "reading" only the pictures. This month's issue had an article about Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia that just underwent a mini makeover thanks to a donation and help from Polo Ralph Lauren. Unlike some makeovers that make the decor a little more modern and current, this makeover strived to make the room's furniture and wall paint more authentic to how it was originally. The results: my, that Jefferson had some good taste for the 1700's.

That yellow, called "chrome-yellow", is actually a replica of the orginal paint scrapings they found on the dining room walls. Such a bold yet pretty color! A lot of the furniture is orginal to the house, including some Chippendale pieces. Here are a few pieces I found on Etsy that have that same federalist, neo-classicism style of Monticello. Click on them to view the source. Look for some of these at the Elkhorn Flea Market this weekend (8/8)!

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