Thursday, October 21, 2010

Milwaukee Faves: Pretzel Rolls

If you've never had a pretzel roll, think of the chewiest, fluffiest pretzel you have ever had and shape it into a bun. Around town they're cropping up on a lot of menus as an alternative to the regular hamburger bun or dinner roll. Miller Bakery in Milwaukee is the primary baker of these rolls, so that makes me wonder if pretzel rolls are only popular in Milwaukee, a kind of shout out to Milwaukee's german heritage.

On Monday, we ordered the pretzel roll appetizer at Karma, served with warm beer cheese and bacon sauce (pictured below).

Here's a list of places where I found them so far: If you have another place to add (MKE or elsewhere), comment below!

To buy:
Milwaukee Public Market
Sendik's grocery store
Wisconsin Cheese Mart
To order:
The Red Accordian
Port of Call
Miller Park Concessions


  1. I actually ran into these at the Weber Grill restaurant in the outskirts of Chicago. I concur, they are superb. Local? Mehhhhh...not so much.

  2. Roots Restaurant serves their pulled pork on these amazing buns. *drool* (you can also request to have your burger served on one.)

  3. OMG! those look SOOO good. i love pretzal rolls.. if youre in wicker park in chicago go to jerrys sandwiches on division street and get a club on their pretzal roll. AMAZING!

    ill have to add karma and the mke public market to my eats list when i visit milwaukee next.


  4. Brocach's Beer Cheese Dip is served with pretzel breadsticks! And their Corned Beef sandwich is served on a pretzel bun.

  5. Strangely enough, they have these at the cafeteria at my job. I LOVE them. I could pretty much eat them daily. And I love that they also sell them at Sendiks!



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