Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cabin Fever, SXSW


Some year I'll get to SXSW. I always check out the lineups and pick out who I would see if I was down there. Although, I should probably go soon before I start complaining about fad-soaked hipsters and the music being too loud. The joys of getting old. I have noticed since Sunday that my cabin fever quotient has drastically increased. I have tasted sunshine after 5pm and can never go back. I have a spring break coming up in mid-April and couldn't plan it fast enough. I think we've settled on a roadtrip to Nashville, but oh so many places along the way. Maybe SXSW next spring break. I love this picture below.

This is what pitchfork calls "ibuprofen pop" which I think is meant be a pejorative, but, I really like this sound and the funktastic quality of the video.

SXSW has a FREE DOWNLOAD sampler on iTunes for a limited time. I'd get on that because you know a couple of these artists are bound to be the next big thing.

These Pikolinossandals are on sale at Anthropologie. They'd be pretty dang cute trotting around SXSW or Austin's sister city, Nashville.

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