Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching up on reading.....

Some pathophysiology reading AND some not-so academic reading. I finally opened up the new Lonny Magazine and wanted to share some of my favorite photos. My synopsis: Dark paint is IN and those diptyque candles are EVERYWHERE.

Makes me want to rip out the windows in my kitchen and replace them with this.

I love how this wall is arranged. Perfect.

A black kitchen. Who knew?

And then I read the new Milwaukee Magazine with the cover story "Best Suburbs". I'm not a suburbanite and/or fan, but I did start getting ideas about a scooter getaway to Cedarburg. My favorite bit in the new issue was seeing my friends' restaurant, Hue, featured on pages 13, 80, AND 81! If you haven't gone to Hue, you have to go and try the Pho and the spicy crab rangoons.

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  1. LOVEEe lonny! such a great magazine. xoxo jcd :: stop by--im having a custom print giveaway! :: cornflake dreams



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