Monday, June 6, 2011

Milwaukee Faves: Downtown Dining Week

(too busy eating to take a picture of Tulip's food. this one is c/o The Shepherd)

I really love going to new restaurants. This doesn't make me unique, but it does make me very happy. So, when Downtown Dining Week rolls around, I get reeeeeal happy. Why? Because there are about two dozen new and interesting restaurants all offering $20-$30 three course dinners and $10 lunches. Eat that Applebee's. Friday night, I checked out Tulip with my friend and fellow blogger, Katie. She and two other gals write Haute Apple Pie, a fantastic blog here in Milwaukee. I ordered the Almond Pomegranate salad, the Sultan's Delight (beef medallions on baba ghanoush, and Kataifi dessert. The meal was good and I tried new things! Sometimes epicuriosity doesn't always lead to amazing and delicious food that's off the charts, but that's the fun. I tried it. I now feel safe to say that after trying it a few times, I don't really care for baba ghanoush (pureed eggplant).

Hopefully this week, I'll get out to a couple more restaurants on the Downtown Dining List. On my short list are: Sake Tumi (the hubs had the lunch and raved/bragged about it), Hinterland (I've only been there once! can you believe it), and Zaafaran.

Which restaurants looked good to you? Have you been to any this week? (tell me! tell me!)

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