Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MKE Locals: Otille's Closet

I'm loving the recent clothing designs from Otille's Closet, a newly launched online shop from Milwaukee's Midwest Needles co-owner, Kate Mau.

I asked Kate about the mixture of vintage and knit materials she uses. "I find the scarves mostly at thrift stores and from a stash I've had for awhile. I'm always amazed at how girly my designs end up being since I'm much more of a bohemian in my personal style", she said. As for the intricate needlework, "I don't think there is anything more time consuming than knitting a garment as opposed to sewing. With knitting I'm literally making the fabric as I go". For the fall, keep your eye out for "more neutral colors and pops of bright pink or orange". Kate says the collection will be much more cohesive and a bit more bohemian...with a few sweaters and a bag.

That sounds lovely. Keep up the beautiful work, Kate!
Visit Otille's Closet HERE.

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  1. Kate is such a sweetheart and her work is beyond gorgeous!
    Great post



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