Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REPOST: Packing for Summerfest

It's really busy around here today with work and grad school, so I leave you with a post from last year on what to wear to Summerfest. That's right, Summerfest kicks off today! And June is almost over. Geesh. I'll be back tomorrow with a real post. Until then, have a great day!

Nicole Sunglass, Modcloth, $11. J Crew caprese tunic, $35. J Crew studded leather belt, $68. REI Platypus, $12.95. GAP jean shorts, $49.50. iPhone 4, $199. Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag, $198. Travel-size Neutrogena Sunblock, $4. Simple Tantan sandals, $85.

Summerfest is in full swing this week. I hope to go sometime this week to hang out and enjoy some summer music (maybe the Hold Steady July 1st??). And in Milwaukee, it seems there is a street festival or ethnic fest on the lakefront every weekend. Sadly, we'll be in Italy during Chicago's Pitchfork festival. But, if you go (or go to any other festival), here's what I suggest you bring.

Here's my game plan:
- Wear comfortable shoes! Preferably black because it's gonna be a dirty mess out there.
- Load up on the water. Especially if you're drinking in the sun, dehydration can set in very fast. Lots of grounds don't allow bottle/can carry-ins, but the platypus can easily roll up in your purse and be filled at the water fountain.
- Pick loose fitting, light colored clothes. Again, it's gonna get hot. And you're gonna sweat.
- Don't bring anything you'll leave in the bathroom. Like clutches, hats, coats, etc. Opt for a crossbody purse and sunglasses that will fit inside.
- A phone with a camera and internet access are great. One less thing to carry. And you can read books or check email when waiting in those long lines waiting for the bands to start. Phone service is often touch and go at big festivals due to all the people trying to call at once, but 3G and 4G work like a charm. So email or text to stay in touch with your group.


  1. an oldie but a goodie, i still want this outfit! HOOOORAY for the return of summerfest! wish i was making it up to mke this year for it. xoxo jillian:: stop by! i'm hosting a jewelry giveaway

  2. Great tips! I never seem to plan for all of the walking. The Summerfest grounds aren't HUGE, but you'll end up doing a ton of it without even realizing.



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