Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drawn to: Pool Blue

Lately, I have been really drawn to cool pool blues. Pool blue embodies summer for me - fresh, clean, and effortless. It reminds me of warm weather, sun, and vacation days. And I wish I had a pool. Are there any good pools in Milwaukee that do not also include a kids waterpark?

I've been leaving my hair product bottle out on the bathroom counter (not just due to laziness, but some of that, too) just because I like walking by and looking at the color. Aveda's glossing straightener has been nice when it's humid and my hair start to frizz. I have been admiring the Chanel blue nailpolish, but is blue nailpolish too much? I am kind of thinking so. I would also like this coffee table book, Poolside with Slim Aarons, to glance at througout the summer, too.

1. Poolside with Slim Aarons 2. Aveda Glossing Straightener 3. Chanel Riva Le Vernis


  1. Oooh. Have been more into mint nail polish lately (and, randomly, bright pink), but now am VERY tempted by the Chanel shade. Lovely!

  2. love all these blue shades, that map is so pretty! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. That Chanel shade is sold out everywhere, but I just like looking at the colors. The contrast with the wood is really pretty.

  4. thanks for the link to my blog! nice to find your blog :)

  5. Love pool blue / aqua blue. It's the accent in my gray / white kitchen, which is unusual but inspired by a concert poster. My KitchenAid Stand Mixer is in the same color!
    The Aveda product is lovely, isn't it? I also use it religiously in this humidity.

  6. That kitchen sounds beautiful!



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