Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dressed for: weekend gardening

1. trowel, 2. solar radio, 3. coral tee shorts (similar), 4. bolga basket, 5. 'Urban Farms' by Sarah C. Rich

Despite the lack of rain these past few weeks, our garden box is out of control! It needs some serious weeding and trimming. I like to be out in the garden in loose clothes, but something decent enough that if I need to run to Home Depot, I don't feel like I need to a) run inside and change or b) run into Home Depot ninja-style to dodge anyone I might know. We have a few gardening urban gardening books, but this one is pretty nice. Growing in small spaces needs real planning. That's why my seed-throwing method didn't work last year. And the baskets...I brought home three of these bolga baskets from Ghana last year. I use them for just about everything. You can find them online (see link above) and even World Market.

Do you have an urban garden? Any tips? My best tip is get a SMALL trowel. Those things come in so handy for weeding.

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