Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girls on Bikes!

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Last week, I FINALLY for the first time in years....was able to ride my bike to work. I just switched jobs and work at a women's health clinic downtown so it not only combines my love for nursing, but for bicycling as well! After college, I lived on the east side alone in a small apartment and worked long hours. To keep myself sane, I began biking after work and got really good at it. I then raced competitively for 2 years, spandex shorts and all. Nowadays I wear a t-shirt and ride a commuter bike. Oh, and I bike really slow. I know if I keep working at it I could work up to competing again, or I could just work at looking cute and trying to avoid helmet hair and pit stains. I'll take my inspiration from these ladies above. p.s. all these gals should be wearin' a helmet.


  1. Yay! I'm moving closer to your place at the end of July and I have a bike. We'll have to do cycling dates soon.

  2. Biking to work! what a wonderful thing. And you're a nurse? Thank you for a selfless job and for all you do.
    How does that woman with that short skirt not bare all when pedaling? take care, and have a good week.



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