Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shopping List: grapefruit and calf tan

1. Ann Taylor tote, 2. necklace, 3. blush, 4. sandals, 5. scarf

It's summer! Lately, my eye has been drawn to coral pinks and anything that screams "backyard lounging". I'm a little obsessed about our new backyard. And since I'm trying to avoid the lounging type where I stay in my "workout clothes" all day long, I'm also looking for anything that screams "I put on real clothes". So for me, this summer is all about effortless summer chic. Nice sandals, a quick swipe of pink blush, and easy accessories and I'm out the door and onto the patio.


  1. Effortless summer chic? Love this Sara! Also just a heads up that you're missing links for 4 and 5 (because I would want you to tell me:)! xo

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