Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Announcing! BLOGS & BOOKS

I'm so excited to announce a project that I've been working on -- BLOGS & BOOKS! I've partnered with Colleen from Inspired to Share, another great Milwaukee blogger, to host a book club meeting in Milwaukee each season. And then we'll blog about it. So for those out of town, you can still participate! Our summer selection is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - a book about a women's quest to find happiness on a daily basis.

The event will be hosted at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on Sunday August 26th at 1pm. We'll chat, meet some new people, and discuss the book, along with sampling some yummy summer drinks and treats. Each season we'll try to come up with a theme that relates to the book and style the book club meeting around that. So it will be more than just a book club. It's a day out to discuss ideas, learn something new and meet new friends.

As for out of towners, Colleen and I will blog about the book and the event so check back to see more!

See you in August!

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  1. Fun! I'll actually be in town that weekend and own the book (though I failed to finish it; need to get on it!), so might have to come. :)

  2. Another blogger and I will be attending (Karis from Karis' Kitchen: http://karisann.com). We're looking forward to it and to meeting some new Milwaukee area bloggers.

  3. Yay! I'm excited to meet other bloggers, too! See you gals in a few weeks!!

    1. Hi Sara, does it start at 1 or 3 p.m.? On Facebook, it says 3 p.m.

    2. 1pm. I updated the fb page. Thanks for noticing that!



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