Monday, July 2, 2012

Milwaukee Faves: The Oriental Theater

We saw Moonrise Kingdom - and it was awesome. Very quirky, very clever, very well written. Have you seen it yet?

The Oriental has got to be the perfect backdrop to a Wes Anderson film. I love the moorish architecture, the giant buddhas with glowing eyes along the main theater walls, and of course, the brewers yeast to put on your popcorn. Heck yes, we're in Milwaukee. They only play select movies, two or three at a time, mostly independent or foreign films (which means I'll have to venture out to the iPic to see my Tyler Perry movie this weekend. not kidding).

The Oriental Theater
2230 N. Farwell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI


  1. i took my 12yo son to see it last week, and it was his first movie at the oriental. he was suitably impressed, even commenting that we should've gotten dressed up to go to such a fancy theatre.

    (it was such a delightful movie too!)

  2. that's funny! It's definitely the fanciest theater I've ever been to, as well!

  3. I adore the Oriental Theater. And, I agree, Moonrise Kingdom as suitably quirky. A great combination for an evening out.



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