Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weekend: Firkin Fest

When you're in the midst of finals and its crazy town hot outside (see the lack of grass above), you should just give up go to a beer festival.

Milwaukee Firkin Fest was this past Sunday in Cathedral Square. There were 36 breweries/microbreweries/brewers guilds sampling a few of their beers, one of which was a firkin. What's a firkin? It's a quarter barrel keg of beer without the negative pressure which allows for a beer that harnesses full flavor but doesn't preserve like a normal keg. So some beers taste better from a firkin because there's less foam. My favorite find was the Halcyon Daze from Tallgrass Brewery- oh man. good. Although the best find may have been the beer schwing for $5. There's another beer tasting on the lakefront next weekend - Milwaukee Brewfest.

It was a nice break from studying and getting all stressed out and schtuff. Who needs that?! Now, back to life, back to reality.

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