Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dressed for: a Bucks game

camel sweater, green pants, phone case , boots tote bag , Bucks hat, boots

When going to a NBA game, you have two sartorial options: dress like you're going to a club or dress like you're at a basketball game. I guess it depends where your seats are as to which way you lean. I like to dress in the middle - dark skinny jeans and a nice top or colored or patterned pants and a warm knit sweater. Fun wedge booties or polished riding boots are nice footwear options because you'll inevitably have to walk outside in January. Instead of doing the traditional graphic tee to support the team, I often look to add subtle details like team earrings, a fun hat to wear into the building, socks, or iphone cases to support the team in a more controlled fanatical manner. After all, I'm not in tryouts for Squad 6 or anything.

Now, let's talk shop. I know the Packers lost last week and that's depressing. It's gonna take a while to shake that off. But it does leave lots of extra time to watch more Bucks games. Wisconsin's pro basketball team has a winning record and a season that goes into April. And if you go to a game, you don't have to wear long underwear. I see this as a win-win.

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