Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Week in Review

I realized something this week. The week of Christmas to New Years is like spring break for working people. It seemed like everyone was off of work. I didn't care what day it was. I could do anything I wanted. And I got some good hangout time in with friends and family. I went to midnight mass at St. Josaphat's Basillica - the most beautiful church in Milwaukee. We hosted Christmas day brunch at our house - The Christmas village buildings were from the Dollar Tree and we figured out quiches are great for feeding a large group. I spent New Years Eve seeing Jim Gaffigan at the Pabst again - it never gets old, he's that good. Then finally New Years day brunch at Cafe Hollander. Brunch played a big part in my Christmas break.....obviously.


  1. We thought about seeing Gaffigan, but it was too late to get tix. I'm curious, since the show starts at 10:30, are you there when it turns midnight?

  2. Yes! He tells jokes right up to the countdown. His wife always comes out on stage and then the balloons drop on the audience. It's pretty neat. I've been to Gaffigan 4 years in a row now (i know!) and always really enjoy it.



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