Sunday, January 17, 2010

Antique hunting: West Bend Antique Show

Here's what I saw......

Here's what I bought......

Can't wait until the Elkhorn Antique and Fleamarket in May!


  1. ah! is that a card catalog i spy?? i want one so badly, though my husband claims i have no use for it. i could use it for craft stuff, right? or actually i could just use it to organize my books...

  2. I love 'antiquing' - we go to a swap meet / camping type deal each Labor Day weekend and it's so much fun to look through the vendor areas. Check out my finds from the '09 event here:

  3. Paul and I saw that crow too! But I only walked out with four metal "pencil toppers" of certain US presidents.... It is for a gift, of course.



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